Welcome to FlatMan Studios!

Who are we?

FlatMan Studios is a non-profit independently developed animation studio that specifies in 2D animation and rotoscoping in Flash. Sometimes we just like to sketch or draw for the heck of it.

Although we do have some experience with Blender, we do not root ourselves in CGI/3D animations like what Pixar does.

Instead, we just like making cute screenshots with the program.

Our goal is that we want to prove that Flash is still a viable source of animation without having to resort to newer programs like Adobe Animate.

But most of all, we live and breathe creativity here... It's in our blood. If we have an idea that will change the world, you're darn right we're going to use it.

It is also we made a website on some ameteur, almost outdated website maker instead of using Wordpress or any popular website makers,

because those have very limited, flat templates that lack any effort or passion to them.

Sometimes, even the simplest things can be the most intriguing.

Drawing Examples

Here are some examples of what we are capable of (Flash or otherwise):


Planet Minecraft:

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Discord (CEO's):

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